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How to Buy XM Radio Accessories

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How to Buy XM Radio Accessories Empty How to Buy XM Radio Accessories

Post  Admin Mon May 07, 2012 9:02 pm

A. Look for a portable headphone receiver to listen to your XM radio wherever you go. These headsets include special headphones and a small, battery-powered receiver that gets the signal from your home or car XM radio. Some units have limited range and only work with certain XM receivers.

B. Buy a universal XM remote to control all of the players in your house. Most remotes can be programmed to work with several different players, so these accessories can replace the old remotes that came with your XM receivers.

C. Choose a good protective case for your portable XM player. If you run with your XM radio, it's essential to have a case that allows you to clip the unit on your clothes or fasten it around your arm. These accessories come in different colors and materials, but not all cases will fit all brands of portable XM players.

D. Get a stand for your car XM receiver. There are different types of stands that attach to things like air conditioning vents and dashboards. Be sure that the holder allows you to easily remove the receiver, so you can hide it in your glove compartment when you park.

E. Consider buying a new antenna if you get less than excellent reception on your XM radio. There are different types of antennas for both home and car use. You may want to get a roof-mounted antenna if you have trouble getting clear reception in your home.


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